Project duration: 260 hours
Sign Media Canada’s national sign competition acknowledges the very best achievements in Canadian sign making. This competition is open to the national sign industry.
Futures list:

  1. Uploading and validation images with and without javascript
  2. Sign Media Canada can accept digital images that are minimum 300 dpi in resolution, large enough for layout (minimum specs are 4×6 inches) and formatted as ‘AI’, ‘BMP’, ‘EPS’, ‘GIF’, ‘JPEG’, ‘PDF’, ‘PNG’, ‘PS’, ‘PSD’, ‘TIFF’, ‘EPT’ files. No low-resolution files will be accepted. All images are converted to png format for display purpose.
  3. Client component:
    • sign up form, login and password recovery (one-time password )
    • clients to create project with a variety of fields and upload up to 5 image files
    • Images should be viewed after they are uploaded like photo gallery. For each project the images appear as thumbnails and then can be enlarged when clicked on.
    • email notification about new sign media project
  4. Judge component:
    • form containing a score box for each project. Each characteristic is scored from 1 – 10, so that each project receives a total score out of 40 (with 40 being a perfect score)
    • the judges would be able to select sign media category and see all projects in that category
    • judge can score Project or decline
    • The application calculates the total score for each project and an average score for all projects
  5. Admin component:
    • can manipulate with client accounts, judge accounts and edit projects
    • can manually approve or disqualify projects and/or images if they don’t qualify for sing media competition
    • is able to download selected images and pick the folder that they will download to
    • run different types of reports to view:
  • projects per category
  • projects per category the judge has scored
  • projects the judge declined to score
  • the average score of each project shown by category (ranked highest to lowest)
  • the average score of each project showing all ranked highest to lowest
  • projects remain to be scored
  • declined projects.

Technology used: Ubuntu 10.04.3 LTS, shell scripts, Apache/2.2.14, Memcached 1.4, MySQL 5.1, PHP 5.3, cakePHP 2.1, phpthumb, GD library, ImageMagick, Jquery, jquery.jqzoom, swfupload 2.5.
Pattern used:MVC, RAD, ORD.

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