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Project duration: 260 hours
Sign Media Canada’s national sign competition acknowledges the very best achievements in Canadian sign making. This competition is open to the national sign industry.
Futures list:

  1. Uploading and validation images with and without javascript
  2. Sign Media Canada can accept digital images that are minimum 300 dpi in resolution, large enough for layout (minimum specs are 4×6 inches) and formatted as ‘AI’, ‘BMP’, ‘EPS’, ‘GIF’, ‘JPEG’, ‘PDF’, ‘PNG’, ‘PS’, ‘PSD’, ‘TIFF’, ‘EPT’ files. No low-resolution files will be accepted. All images are converted to png format for display purpose.
  3. Client component:
    • sign up form, login and password recovery (one-time password )
    • clients to create project with a variety of fields and upload up to 5 image files
    • Images should be viewed after they are uploaded like photo gallery. For each project the images appear as thumbnails and then can be enlarged when clicked on.
    • email notification about new sign media project
  4. Judge component:
    • form containing a score box for each project. Each characteristic is scored from 1 – 10, so that each project receives a total score out of 40 (with 40 being a perfect score)
    • the judges would be able to select sign media category and see all projects in that category
    • judge can score Project or decline
    • The application calculates the total score for each project and an average score for all projects
  5. Admin component:
    • can manipulate with client accounts, judge accounts and edit projects
    • can manually approve or disqualify projects and/or images if they don’t qualify for sing media competition
    • is able to download selected images and pick the folder that they will download to
    • run different types of reports to view:
    • projects per category
    • projects per category the judge has scored
    • projects the judge declined to score
    • the average score of each project shown by category (ranked highest to lowest)
    • the average score of each project showing all ranked highest to lowest
    • projects remain to be scored
    • declined projects.

Technology used: Ubuntu 10.04.3 LTS, shell scripts, Apache/2.2.14, Memcached 1.4, MySQL 5.1, PHP 5.3, cakePHP 2.1, phpthumb, GD library, ImageMagick, Jquery, jquery.jqzoom, swfupload 2.5.
Pattern used:MVC, RAD, ORD.


Project duration: 200 hours.
The site allows users as future advertisers to add recipes to the site as well as online chef. The “Featured Recipes:” shows randomly last 10 modified recipes. This interactive application would allow users to upload their own recipes to the site, along with an image of the completed dish. Users can rate and review the recipes on the site, as well as to create a search function that users could use to search through recipe database. The business logic behind the project was to enhance SEO and thereby strengthen the brand in the market.
Future list:

  1. Administration portal is able to:
    • moderate user accounts; if an account is inactivated, all recipes from that user would not appear on the site
    • moderate submitted recipes and comments; field restrictions would not apply in the admin application
    • identify a recipe as a “Chef” recipe or “Community” recipe (from users) or “Sponsor” recipe
    • approve recipe submission and post recipe to site upon approval
    • view, edit, approve or delete user comments
    • get email notification to admin about new recipes
    • upload, resize and crop images with recipe
  2. Users are able to
    • submit recipe to the site with a quick turn-around for approval
    • rate recipes, save favourite recipes, print recipe; rating would be accumulative and displayed as an average of all ratings
    • send link with recipe to friend
    • leave comment on the recipe
    • activate automatically an account
    • keyword or using the advanced search function
    • store favourite recipes if they sign-up with a password that they can retrieve on the site by signing in.

Application was created by using the following: jqGrid, SMARTY 3 to cache HTML pages, PEAR-1.9.1 library to work with JSON data, PHPMailerv 5.1 library to send emails and jquery 1.5.1 with plug-ins to do the animation, validation and interaction with back end, MySQL database.